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About Carolina Connections

Our Process

Our process is incredibly straight-forward. We gather some required information from you and create a free proposal for you to decide if Solar would benefit you. After our design team creates a system size and system cost, we have a Solar Specialist present this information to you. Once gathering all the information, if you decided to move forward we will handle all of the final processes such as permits, installation, etc.


Preconstruction Design

Schedule a consultation so we can gather some information for us to submit to our design team for a free proposal.


Design & Construction Estimate

Our state of the art weather tracking programs and design team will create a system size and estimate at no cost.

On-Site Consultations

After the proposal and design is complete, we schedule an appoint for a Solar Specialist to present this information and answer any questions you have. 15-20min.


The Finishing


If you decide Solar is a great decision for you, we will handle the permits, design, installation, and the rest for you.


Schedule a free consultation today.

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